June 25th, 2008



            On June 9, 2008, the Associated Press released a news article about today’s tough economic times and how the stress from debt may be causing many Americans health problems at a rate much higher than people without debt stress. This was according to an Associated Press-AOL health poll. The article goes on to claim that perhaps 10 million to 16 million are “suffering terribly due to their debts, and their health is likely to be negatively impacted,” says Paul J Lavrakas, a research psychologist and AP consultant who analyzed the results of the survey. According to the AP-AOL survey, debt stress is up 14% higher in 2008 than 2004.

            According to their poll, people with high debt stress versus people without high debt stress suffered much more from ailments:


¯     27% had ulcers or digestive tract problems compared to 8% with low debt stress.


¯     44% suffered from headaches and/or migraines compared with 15%


¯     29% suffered severe anxiety, compared with 4%


¯     23% had severe depression compared to 4% with low debt stress


¯     6% reported heart attacks which is DOUBLE the rate of those with low debt stress


¯     More than 51% suffered from muscle tension including lower back pain compared to 31% of low debt stress.


            In addition, people who reported high debt stress were much more likely to have trouble concentrating, sleeping and were more prone to getting upset with little, if any reason to.


Being in debt is a problem nobody wants to have to deal with, but most people will tell you that your health is your main concern. Don’t let debt stress create or worsen your health problems. Take back control of your life and do something about your debt today.



June 25th, 2008


For instance, were you aware that many of the television commercials, radio ads and internet sites that you see and hear claiming to reduce your debt are merely marketing firms that get you to contact them and then sell your information to debt settlement firms, You give your personal information to a telephone representative who then either switches you over or later emails your personal information to a debt settlement companythat is purchasing that information. When you contact A WAY OUT directly, we have financial specialists who will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and inform you as to what options are available to you. Together, you and your finanical specialist will decide which course of action your situation is best suited to, whether it be credit counseling, debt negotiation and settlement or perhaps even seeking legal counsel from a bancruptcy attorney. If debt settlement is your best option (as it is with many people) we handle it from day one to the end of your settlement. Our team at A AWAY OUT DEBT SETTLEMENT, LLC and our afifiliate company NEW BEGINNINGS, LLC will council, qualify and represent you in your debt settlement the entire way. Don’t be handed off and sold like a piece of merchandise! You deserve to be treated with professionalism, dignity and understanding. Call A WAY OUT today at 1-877-A WAY OUT or contact us at


June 18th, 2008

Courage is not a lack of fear, it is facing your fears. We often do nothing about our debt until things are out of control. We fear facing it. Yet, doing nothing often leads to greater problems down the road. With the U.S. now over 9 Trillion in debt, you are not alone. Debt settlement with may offer you options to get in control of your debt once again and give you back the stress free life you so richly deserve.

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Debt Settlement

May 13th, 2008


 A Way Out Debt Settlement Services LLC can help you settle your unsecured credit card debt by up to 60% off of the original balances.

Because banks make it easy for you to gain access to credit limits that are almost impossible to pay off many Americans find them self’s in debt.

 A Way Out Debt Settlement Services LLC will help you reduce your debt. Our debt settlement service can have you debt free in little as 12 months.